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hi. my name is kelly and this is my evergrowing collection of things i love. 


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mamas babies and flowers

as my personal time narrows my priorites become more refined. thank you bowie, all i need is you (and papa).

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for some reason or another i identify with this beautiful image. it shows so little but says so much.

photo by russell warren found via sho & tell


plants | our silent guardians

all i gotta say is you guys better go to this ... they are the best gals around town and their soaring creativity just makes it a double doozy dose of awsome!

hope to see ya there!



bowie aleia cuadra | february 13 | 7 lbs 11 oz | 9:53pm

arrived the day before valentines day and two days before my birthday. truly the best present i could ask for.

"a thief has broken into my soul. she left the window open and the door ajar. the wind rushes through now. and everything that wasn't stolen is everything that is important." -nikaela marie 

if you get the chance visit nikaela's blog (rose & crown) - she's a fantastic and kind writer, hence where i got the beautiful quote above.


just about there

right at the tail end of my pregnancy i realized i had done a terrible job at documenting my journey. i thought, i better at least capture the last moments of it because i was literally due any day. bobby and i were in a hurry to somewhere but he somehow managed to snap a few decent photos in a matter of ten minutes (he's talented like that).

i like that they portray exactly how i felt the majority of my pregnancy, happy & peaceful.

'there are moments, overwhelmingly beautiful moments, when i have to close my eyes to take in the poetry'   -robert sturman 


a blessingway

i was so lucky to have a blessingway orchestrated for me to share offerings in spirt of a safe labor and welcoming baby girl to the world. i could clearly see how much she was already loved that it was quite difficult to hold the emotion in my chest while accepting gifts on my daughter's behalf.

immense gratitude to each of you.


dart dj + viva voce

i had the pleasure of being introduced to a real stand up guy by the name of jesse kivel who is starting a boutique DJ collective based in LA. he was kind enough to create a playlist that he felt represented the energy of viva voce. have a listen below and then when you get the chance check out his sound cloud page for more outstanding mixes.


his personal blurb about the playlist: ten songs that build, grow and blossom | note the lyrical themes of keeping things open in isolation and love in new and unique settings.

thank you jesse for being so thoughtful and putting this chill playlist together!

01. New Order- Ceremony

02. Air France- No Excuses

03. Style Council- Long Hot Summer

04. Bodies of Water- Open Rhythms

05. Rhye- Open

06. El Perro Del Mar- Change of Heart

07. Bibio-All the Flowers

08. Nite Jewel- Artificial Intelligence

09.Tangerine Dream- Love on a Real Train

10. The Whitest Boy Alive- Island


saint valentine

i just wanna spread the good word for Valentines Day goodies... a n y t h i n g created by these ladies will send you swooning.
i just adore what they do and I know you will too, go show em' some love, won't ya?!
TIGERS to LILIES wildflower bouquets
SPENCER STUDIO handmade cards
CHERI MESSERLI handmade marbleized papers
february fourteenth from 10 - 6



LA Art Book Fair at the MOCA

i'm embarrassed to say i've never been to the geffen contemporary MOCA until the other night, and it was such a lovely experience, for several reasons...

reason one: lauren spencer king's gorgeous artwork... one of the pieces was a large watercolor print of the plant henbane. she also did a smaller hot pink version that of course my eye makes a beeline for. and then there were also her sweet complementary bookmarks. below is a few snaps of her method to the madness + the outcome. powerful brilliance; that lauren.

(Keep Telling on Yourself is the name of her print, she'll be posting them soon to her site - go snatch one up!)

reason 2: my ethereal pixie lili's ikebana creations

(the sweetest thing of all is when we were talking about her work at the book stand, she told me that it represented a little ship setting sail against a big gentle wave (driftwood), ocean floor (fabric square) - how thoughtful is she?)

reason three: book stand by claire

(she really picks the best goodies and then curates the space like a champ)

reason four: exposure to the genius of printed matter: the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists

reason five/six/seven: my last girls night outing before bebe enters the world!

(the magical abyss of fun that night + my new chapter in life)

photos via 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8



just a goodnight song for you.

from the album "an awesome wave" | footage is from the beautiful 1988 film 'powaqqatsi: life in transformation'


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